Riding.Vision in new art show at Last Tango in Zurich, Switzerland

Riding.Vision is part of the art show that will open this Friday, 17.03.23 at 6pm at Last Tango in Zurich, Switzerland.

Robert Estermann & Oz Oderbolz
17.03. – 13.05.2023

at Last Tango, Zürich

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Robert Estermann

Boy / Horse (preparatory drawing for a mural inside a Parisian staircase, later becoming the template for Four Boys / Four Horses #1), 1995
Four Boys / Four Horses #2 Applied Template, 1996-2023
Four Boys / Four Horses #2 #3 #4, 2023
Four Boys / Four Horses Mugs, 2000
For this exhibition we have taken an “archeological” approach, looking back at an older series of Robert Estermann’s drawings Four Boys / Four Horses (1996). What are the questions that come up when we encounter this image? The boy seems to be otherworldly, with his Mona...

Pictures of "Riding.Vision Warehouse" at Last Tango, Zurich

left: Riding.Vision Info Desk
right: Riding.Vision Warehouse

Riding.Vision Video Compilation 2023 (4K), 212min (part of Riding.Vision Warehouse)
Photos above by Kilian Bannwart Courtesy of Last Tango

"Riding.Vision Warehouse" by Robert Estermann

Installation: metal racks, monitor with 4K video loop, sound, 212 minutes (106 sequences, each two minutes), props (boots, whips, spurs, riding gear, riding pads, horse tack, harnesses, clothes, wigs, masks, video camera, etc.), dimensions variable

shown in: 

Upcoming: Riding.Vision art show spring 2023 @ Last Tango, Zurich, Switzerland

In Robert Estermann's project for Last Tango's upcoming duo show curated by Linda Jensen and Arianna Gellini, visitors will enter and experience Riding.Vision in the most broad and challenging way to date.

"Last Tango is a Kunstverein in Zurich dedicated to presenting and (co-) producing original exhibitions by a trans-generational roster of artists. Our mission is to support artists in pursuing ambitious and stimulating presentations of their work. We seek to provide a dynamic program of exhibitions and events with unanticipated combinations of practices, new perspectives, critical reflection and dedicated outreach. Our aim is to encourage and support new forms of knowledge production, be it through exhibitions,...

Riding.Vision on the cover of new art show in Rome, Italy

Riding.Vision on the cover of new art show in Rome, Italy

On Clothing. The Visible Self

17 March – 15 April 2022

Via Nicolò Odero, 13

La mostra espone una selezione di fotografie legate al tema dell’abbigliamento: estensione dell’io, espressione del nostro “modus vivendi”, l’abito è un prodotto culturale che riguarda la nostra identità, attraverso il quale è possibile affermare e informare gli altri su se stessi.

Our work in the show, also featured on the cover:

RV-L1 Pale Cowboy
by Robert Estermann
(featuring Luke, with fashion by Marie Lueder)

"Aside from my other conceptual work I travel...

Riding.Vision at Stadtgalerie Bern, Switzerland

Riding.Vision at Stadtgalerie Bern, Switzerland

6 – 22 August 2021
Galleria di Berna
Stadtgalerie Bern, Switzerland
More about this show:

Robert Estermann
Royal I.C.E. (klub pemuda), 2021