Riding.Vision on the cover of new art show in Rome, Italy

On Clothing. The Visible Self

17 March – 15 April 2022

Via Nicolò Odero, 13

La mostra espone una selezione di fotografie legate al tema dell’abbigliamento: estensione dell’io, espressione del nostro “modus vivendi”, l’abito è un prodotto culturale che riguarda la nostra identità, attraverso il quale è possibile affermare e informare gli altri su se stessi.


Our work in the show, also featured on the cover:

RV-L1 Pale Cowboy
by Robert Estermann
(featuring Luke, with fashion by Marie Lueder)

"Aside from my other conceptual work I travel worldwide to photograph and film equestrians in settings and with clothes and mannerisms that play with cultural references and identities, interested in a non-essentialist cultural anthropology. The name of this project is Riding.Vision."
Robert Estermann

Art show "On Clothing – The visible self"

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