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I am Marta, an equestrian and a contemporary art enthusiast.

I have a good collection of art pieces at my place, from contemporary photography to concept art and I am always on hunt for more. I came across this site while randomly searching for horse photographs at auctions. I was looking for something like this for a long time. I love the humor, and the sensuality which is depicted in the photosets and obviously could not resist myself from ordering several photosets and videos. I have noticed that most of the props in the photos such as riding crops, spurs, and also clothes that the riders are wearing are custom made for and by Riding Vision, which further adds to the artist’s dedication to originality and an eye for perfection even in small details. I feel as if each piece of art has its own story to tell.

For centuries, artists have been enthralled by the beauty and grace of horses, making them the subject of countless masterpieces. For me, a horse ist both an idea and an animal, a fantasy, a myth and in this site, my thirst for their glory is relinquished as I found images of horses in a variety of fashion and mediums, along with remarkable backgrounds, costumes and concept of the riders on this site. Horses are very complex animals, they are difficult to capture and it takes a fine equine artist to convey their spirit, elegance and agility. 

You don’t have to be an equestrian to appreciate the creativity and uniqueness of the images and videos which are available on this site. You will be mesmerized by the originality which the videos and pictures display. Their fine work of art has detailed illustrations of head, legs, eyes, muzzle, ears, shimmering coats and youthful riders from every perspective bringing the life to the pictures. As you scroll down their enormous collection, you could see riders on their horses in every stage and manner, illustrating their  unique beauty, which is the epitome of equine art. 

Also, the quality of their videos and pictures is very high, which glorifies the pictures and videos to their full majesty. Each with such precision and taste, that it became hard for me to choose which ones to buy. Even the purchase process was really smooth. I easily viewed the screenshots of everything before I purchased it to ensure the quality of the video. Also, the previews were available for photosets I purchased, which made it very easy for me to visualize what the actual photoset is going to look like. Download was fast and seamless added with the confirmation of purchase via email. It was a relieve for me that they had several payment options including credit card or PayPal.

I have already told about this to my other equestrian friends and colleagues and they have purchased several photosets, videos and art prints as well. As I came to know by the number of downloads, Riding Vision has hundreds of customers all over the world who appreciate their art and creativity. I believe that they have touched a new milestone with their latest collection of photosets with David on his white pony. I am definitely ordering them because I can’t get over the feeling of how original they look. They just give me artistic vibes and I am in love with them. For all my equestrian and contemporary art enthusiast folks out there, this is one of the best places where artistic ingenuity, originality and a lucky hand in selecting horses and riders are combined to create masterpieces which will enthrall you. Be sure to lay your hands on one of the finest art project you will find anywhere in the world.

Highly recommended!!!



merci a vous les photos son superbe la video est superbe voir un beau garçon en short thaibox sur un poney et a tres vite pour voir des beaux garçon en short thaibox

sur un poney j aime beaucoup merci a vous et a tres vite



 Very handsome boys, sexy horses.



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