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For time reasons, we stopped already some time ago to announce each and every time we add a new video or picture set. There are just too many of them! Instead, here is what you can do:

To find the latest updates, you should come back regularly to our site and check directly in our collections. Once you are in your preferred collection, you can use the "NEW TO OLD" filter and bookmark it.

Largest video update ever

Discover almost 3 hours of new high quality, ultra-HD riding videos produced by Riding.Vision.

A dozen new female and male riders ride bareback on small Arab ponies at a secluded beach.

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Newspaper Article about Riding.Vision in "Der Tagesspiegel"

Der Tagesspiegel, Gregor Dotzauer, “Blicke mit Durchblick”, 9. Dezember 2018, Berlin, p. 32

Picture above: Part of the newspaper article, with two examples of our inserts (the newspaper article is referring to) in Diaphanes Magazine (issue 5) in the background. "Saya setuju !" in the speech bubble is Indonesian for "I agree !". It is meant as a sarcastic comment about the newspapers attempt to dismiss Riding.Vision's experimental and multilayered imagery as "gay kitsch".

Scattered insert by Riding.Vision in Diaphanes Magazine

Art – Fiction – Discourse
No.5 – Taming the Gaze (Autumn 2018)

Riding.Vision in Diaphanes #5
164 awesome pages. This is just a very small excerpt. Buy it here (worldwide shipping).

From the preface:

Art has always been the site of struggle: its forms obscure, its freedoms pure fiction. And the ­territory is currently being ­resurveyed. While identities blur, the terrain is being ­fractured. Old and new forces are intervening, speculating for various interests, claiming their share in the visible and invisible—the accursed share. What some ignore, others must delete. What mustn’t be shown...

New Collection "Fashion"

Free pictures from our collaborations in the fashion world. Today we start with Marie Lüder and her friends, which Riding.Vision met earlier this year in London.

Marie Lüder
Marie Lüder at her Studio in London, Spring 2018

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Marie Lüder is an interdisciplinary working fashion Designer based in London. Her label is called THE LOVER. 

« I am portraying the heteronormative man in western society today. His disconnection and...