Pictures of "Riding.Vision Warehouse" at Last Tango, Zurich

left: Riding.Vision Info Desk
right: Riding.Vision Warehouse

Riding.Vision Video Compilation 2023 (4K), 212min (part of Riding.Vision Warehouse)
Photos above by Kilian Bannwart Courtesy of Last Tango

"Riding.Vision Warehouse" by Robert Estermann

Installation: metal racks, monitor with 4K video loop, sound, 212 minutes (106 sequences, each two minutes), props (boots, whips, spurs, riding gear, riding pads, horse tack, harnesses, clothes, wigs, masks, video camera, etc.), dimensions variable

shown in: Robert Estermann & Oz Oderbolz, Last Tango, Zurich, Switzerland (duo show)

You can also find this work in our shop: Riding.Vision Warehouse

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