Men Rent (Out) Beach Ponies, Compilation ONE (Full-HD), 78min

Men Rent (Out) Beach Ponies, Compilation ONE (Full-HD), 78min

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A seemingly endless stream of young male horsehandlers and young tourist men riding and posing on beach ponies during several tropical sunset evenings.

This movie is very meditative, sometimes the men are just chilling on their ponies for minutes, but from time to time there is also explosive riding action. And there are many magical moments of amazing male beauty and male equestrian sensuality.

Watch young men ride towards the most amazing sunsets, with their pelvics gently moving in the dips of the saddles on the ponies shoulders, to the rhythm of the original sound of the waves and occasional live reggae music in the background. Big thanks to our friends T. Ripod and Z. Oom for their assistance.


Full-HD Video
Riding skills: beginner to expert
Duration: 78:33 min.
Size: 4.0 GB
Frame: 1920x1080
Filetype: mp4
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