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30 Minutes Custom Video

Regular price €249 now €199

30 Minutes full HD custom riding video.

Before ordering, please read carefully the details below, which are part of the buying contract:


One rider with up to two different outfits of your choice for the entire video. You can also decide if pony or horse, and with or without saddle. Our basic setting is with Asian models (male/female) riding at the beach. If you prefer other kinds of setting, please ask us before ordering your custom video. Also it should not take longer than 10 minutes for the rider and horse to dress up /get ready.

Current delivery time for a video

If you order your custom video before 20. April 2017, we will execute it in May in Southeast Asia and you will receive it before the end of June 2017 via download link.

No refunds policy
As on all our digital goods, your orders and payments for custom videos are final, and we offer no refunds, regardless of how much you like the final video (although we do our best to meet your expectations as good as we can).

Double riding

Instead of 30 minutes with one model, we also can make 15 minutes double riding with 2 models, for the same price. But we can not guarantee double riding, since it depends on horse size/rider's ability and rider's availability. So we still might come up with 30 minutes single rider instead of 15 minutes double riding and you would have to accept it.

Video with a particular model
If you look for a particular rider, we will try our best to work with her/him, but we cannot guarantee it. We might work with a rider that looks the most similar to your description.

Custom props / clothes
Either we already own the clothes / props you want us to use, or you can donate new ones to us, either by sending them to us (German address on request), or by sending us money so we can buy them on our own. (The prices for our custom video do not include clothes/props we might have to buy especially for your video.)


Copyright still remains ours. You will get exclusive access to the video at least 12 month before its possible general release on our platform.
We reserve the right to refuse making videos which might put the horse or the rider at any risk or harm. If in doubt, please ask before ordering custom video.

Rules for sending us props for 30 minutes c
ustom video
- One or two props / outfits for the entire video
- Props must fit average rider / horse. 
- Do not send props who put the horse or the rider at any risk or harm. If in doubt, please ask first.
- Combined weight not over 2kg. If props weight more than 2kg, please ask first.
- All props shipped to us are considered free donations, become our property and will not be returned to you. Make sure the items are cleared for customs if you send from outside the EU. We will not pay custom fees. We do not take responsibility in case of loss during shipment.

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