Custom set of 10 pictures hand-picked especially for you

Custom set of 10 pictures hand-picked especially for you

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Let us know what pictures you are looking for, and we will dig deep into our archives and send you our top choice of 10 sharp, hand-selected pictures. Of all our riders appearing in our videos, we also have corresponding pictures, shot by separate cameras from separate angles.

After ordering, send us a short email describing what you are looking for. We will dig through our archive of 250.000+ original female and male riding pictures of the past 15+ years (including the many thousands not currently available in our shop, such as all the old ones like from Ani and Julia, and all the newest ones such as from Onna Bugeisha) and do our best to find the best pictures that come as close as possible to what you described. We send you the pictures within 72 hours by email. 

In the case we can't find pictures reasonably close to your description, we will issue you a full refund in form of a coupon code. However, once we send you our selection, your order will be fulfilled and non-refundable.

The pictures will be selected from no more than 2 different riders/models per custom set of 10 pictures. For more riders, you have to order additional set(s). Resolution will be between 1200x1600px for the older ones and 2000x3000px for the recent ones.

PLEASE NOTE:  For time reasons and for the low price of this offer, once we send you the selection, your order will be fulfilled. The selection we will send you will be the final one, even in the (unlikely) case you would not be 100% satisfied with it. As for all our digital downloads, we issue no refunds. Please only order this product if you agree with all of the above. Thanks!

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