What is the future of Riding.Vision?

I am not a crystal-ball gazer
, but these are the things I am pretty sure of: In the upcoming months, you will see the number of our products rapidly grow, especially our video and photo collections for digital downloads. We will also expand the number of our physical products with posters, limited editions and more. I have many new ideas for locations, horses, props and riders.

I am interested in creating new constellations – and maybe even new desires we have never even dreamed of – rather than in imitating established styles. And all this while consciously reflecting and reshaping (together with countless others) the greater cultural landscape. This is really exciting stuff!

Such artistic demands – which also include avoiding routine and being obsessed with details – do not make our productions cheaper, on the contrary. There are a lot of bills to be paid four these productions, not just for staff, riders and horses but also for traveling, catering, new and more powerful recording equipment, props for horses and riders (of which more and more will be custom made in the future), and so on. The extend on which we will be able to fully execute our future productions and make them available in our shop will depend on you, and on how much project funds we are able to generate through the sales on Riding.Vision.

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