The New Riding

Updated project intro on the "About us" page:

Riding.Vision is a fully working and daily updated online concept store and research platform that was founded in 2016 as an art project by Swiss artist Robert Estermann. It is a work in progress. Contents from here will also find their way to physical art shows or to other outlets, and vice versa.

The New Riding. While the theme and history of (human) rider and horse is anything but new, Riding.Vision's approach is unique, as it liquifies the boundaries between traditions, narratives, subcultural expressions, desires, the non-compatible, and the potential embarrassment. It also tells stories of obsession, dominance, colonialism, spectacle and modernity. Avoiding habitual safeguards offered by dogma, taste judgment or cynicism, Riding.Vision assumes the role of a collector and incubator through its own post-colonial mass production and added value of images pipeline. One of Estermann's postulates here is that the resulting new composite materialities of the products and the roughness are agents of new liberties and great, unexplored chances.



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