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Free pictures from our collaborations in the fashion world. Today we start with Marie Lüder and her friends, which Riding.Vision met earlier this year in London.

Marie Lüder
Marie Lüder at her Studio in London, Spring 2018

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Marie Lüder is an interdisciplinary working fashion Designer based in London. Her label is called THE LOVER. 

« I am portraying the heteronormative man in western society today. His disconnection and feeling of being doomed in repetition and loops. He is trying to find meaning in this new landscape in which he feels impotent, minor and irrelevant. He is seeking new tools and functions to find his place. These functions and tools are the garments I am creating for his e-motives, his survivalism in this new dark age of the reality fiction we are living in. «

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On the horse, from left to right: Jahsiri Asabi-Shakir, James Neville Roger Gartside, Luke Frith-Powell 

All the images of the collaboration between Riding.Vision and THE LOVER


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