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Your (donated) probs in our video(s)

Regular price €39

Making a prop (clothes / props / horse tack) you provide appear in at least one of our videos: 39€ + you donate us the prop. 

How to proceed:
1. Make sure your props comply to our rules listed below. By sending us props, you automatically agree to these rules. 
2. Pay the 39€ fee here to make sure the props appear in at least one of our videos.
3. As soon as we have received your payment, we will contact you and send you our dedicated shipping address in Germany for the props.
4. You can also send us links to items on or and send us the money via PayPal to buy these items.
5. Please let us know if you want to see the props on a male or female rider.
6. We will feature your props as soon as possible in one of our upcoming productions available here on our site. At the moment, the time from your donation until publishing of the video will take 1 to 6 month.

Rules for props:
- Up to 3 props
- Probs must fit average rider / horse. 
- Do not send props who put the horse or the rider at any risk or harm. If in doubt, please ask first.
- Combined weight not over 2kg. If props weight more than 2kg, please ask first.
All props shipped to us are considered free donations, become our property and will not be returned to you. Make sure the items are cleared for customs if you send from outside the EU. We will not pay custom fees. We do not take responsibility in case of loss during shipment.

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