Women Deep Laguna Pleasure Rides (Full-HD), 57min

Women Deep Laguna Pleasure Rides (Full-HD), 57min

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Equipped with our professional camera and tripod, we spent filming during four entire evenings at a laguna in the desert just for this video alone.

This is an original riding compilation, MESMERIZING, 100% female riding and 100% original sound, after our success video "Women Rent Beach Ponies". As usual, our camera man was quite sneaky to get the best captures ...

A seemingly endless stream of women riding on Arabian horses during several Arabian sunset evenings, crossing the deep sinking waters of the laguna on their willing mounts. While the vast majority of this video shows women riding on horses, it also includes some camel riding and one amazing, long pony cart ride by two women through the deeper and deeper water.

Full-HD Video, original sound
Riding skills: beginner to advanced
Duration: 56:49 min.
Size: 2.89 GB
Frame: 3840x2160
Filetype: mp4
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